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Horizon Collection

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Durable - Indoors or Outdoors

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Featured Products

Neometrics Madison Planters

Neometrics Madison Planters

Neometrics Madison Planters

Madison modern planters with subtle parallel grooves surface texture. Durable, commercial grade, double wall, poly-resin construction.

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Featured Products

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Horizon Classico Round Planter

Sub-irrigation plus interior liner box.
Call for quanity discounts.


Lechuza Planters

Cubico Cottage featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine - Garden Rooms

Modern all-weather, self watering planters.

Large sizes quick ship.



Horizon Quadro featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine - Garden Ideas

Modern all-weather, self watering planters.

All sizes quick ship. Call for QTY discounts.

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Featured Products

Gallery Metal Collection

Gallery Tall Square Metal Planters

Gallery Tall Square Metal Planters

Seamless steel planters, powder coated and flawlessley finished. Excellent quality... made in the U.S.A.

Solid Square Bamboo Planters
Interline Collection

Now available in Square & Tall Square Sizes.

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Fountain Series Collection
Fountain Series Collection

New, Price includes pump
and setup.

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Modern Planters

10 Year-interior or exterior warranty.
22" Tall $66.00
30" Tall $120.00
Priced lower than Walmart


Cubico Lechuza Self Watering Planters

Contemporary Finishes *Matte Metallic Bronze, Charcoal, White, Black and Red.

Maxi 41

Tall & Sleek Maxi 41" High


Maxi Tall Vase Planters. Now available in all new colors, for Spring 2014.

Featured Products

City and Parks Collection

Civic Center Planters

City & Parks Collection

Project discounts, integral color selections. 30% less weight vs. concrete.

Plaza Planters

City & Parks Collection

Modern unfettered imagination planter-site-furnishings for architectural design.

Call for details, custom quotes.

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Featured Products

Elements Collection

Elements Collection Metal Finish Cylinder Planters

Metal Finish Cylinder Planters

Brushed chrome finish cylinder planters quick ship from our warehouse on the next business day!

New Containers

Cityscape Collection

Cityscape Boardwalk Square Planters

Cityscape Boardwalk Square Planters

U.S.A. constructed of polymer-resins.

Cityscape Boardwalk Cylinder Planters

Cityscape Boardwalk Cylinder Planters

U.S.A. constructed of polymer-resins. A stalwart of design, beauty and all-weather longevity. Qualified; LEED credits & U.S. Green Building Intiatives.

View the Cityscape Collection

Featured Products

Barrington Estate Planters

Ellis Rectangular Planters

Ellis Rectangular Planters

Barrington Estate Planters

Now available in Matte Black

gallery metal rectangular planters

Gallery Metal Collection Planters SALE! Ends Aug 30th Hexagon Planters Only

The sleek, modern, Gallery Metal Planter can be "made to fit" your design specifications. Gallery Metal Planters are manufactured in the U.S.A., by Select from hundreds of RAL, PDF1 | PDF2| PDF3 finishes (Powder Coated) or select from standard finishes and sizes. 3 Year construction and workmanship warranty. A better construction than fiberglass at the same price. (Fiberglass cracks below 20F and above 90F) Please view Gallery Metal Collection link below. White 36x20 ships next day!


Modern Cubico, Quadro and Classico Planters

Tall Vases, Squares or Round Planters

Modern planters designed for all applications. A chic modern planter collection that is the ideal synthesis of aesthetics, easy-care and functionality. Their contemporary elegant design will be a highlight in private as well as public settings. Thanks to their functionality (light, unbreakable, robust, weather resistant) the tall vase, square and round planter collection is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, for private and professional landscaping. 3 Year-interior or exterior construction and workmanship warranty.

The Horizon Planters Collection feature a new trapezoid European design made of vulcanized tech-materials. Form and function in perfect harmony. Excellent in hotels, offices, restaurants, on your patio or in your home.
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Fusion Modular Planters

New Fibercrete Modular Planters.

The new Fusion Modular Collection provides substantial design-flexiblility with equal and varied height and width options. Consider the planters in groupings of 3,4 or 5 to create modular privacy-walls in resturants, offices or outdoor activity areas. Constructed of Fibercrete and reinfoirced with woven-resin-strands. Matte Finishes.

View the Fusion Collection
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Cityscape Collection

Cityscape Collection Planters

Traditional and Modern Styles and Shapes

An industry benchmark in durability for commercial projects. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and constructed of a high-density (1/4" thick) non-breakable proprietary resin.
20 Year-interior or exterior construction and workmanship warranty.

View the Cityscape Collection

Neometrics Delano Bowl Planters

Metal Planters


Original beautiful minimal art designs. Structurally exceptional, featuring double wall construction. Most planters, in this collection, have discrete narrow surface ridges (horizontal contours). Subtle one and two tone speckle color schemes distinguish this modern collection.

View the Neometrics Collection
mid-century planters

Fusion Collection Tapered Column Planters-Set of 3

Fusion planters are a synthesis of traditional shapes and contemporary horizontal and vertical lines. The result is a collection that is understated but profound in it's uncluttered orderly imagery. New planter ideas of imagination, designed for durability and produced by a patented process. Medium weight for non-strenuous relocation. U.V. and frost resistant. Matte earth element colors portray natural aging.

planter pots

Iso-Pod Modrn Collection Planters

A bold, megalithic architectural planter. The upright planters resemble Stonehenge vertical orthostats (stones). The matching and complementary low profile bowls evoke a sense of stability and groundedness. The planters are flawlessly textured with a matte-stone and brown-black finish. The Iso-Pods are a visually primitive-modern planter that is reinforced with long fiber strands and a 3/8" inch thick core wall.

Italiano Planter Collection

Flower Pots

Natural - Resin - Planters

Clearance SALE! Save 30 to 40%
  • Lowest Prices On line
  • Large Sizes
  • Quanity Discounts (min - 5)

The Italiano Collection represents universal eye appeal for contemporary, traditional and transitional landscape design. Budget priced to accomodate multiple plant container choices; Round, Rectangular and Square. Flower Pot creativity is trending to Flower Pots; modern, enduring Resin Planters. 10 Year-interior or exterior construction and workmanship warranty.

The non-breakable, durable poly-resin Italiano Collection planters solve the problems of fading, cracking, chipping and resist side wall soil and plant dehydration. The Italiano flower pots are impressive in front of commercial buildings, on decks, patios and anywhere plant color and beauty is required.

View the Italiano Collection
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City and Parks Collection

Large Planters

Defines Urban Spaces

The City and Parks Collection is a diversified resource of planters designed to define and interpret urban open space challenges. Modern planters in this collection will transform streets, plazas, parking lots, shopping areas and recreational parks into green bustling people places. Trees and plants in containers create a sustainable urban environment and invite the growth of communities. Green spaces we inhabit are places we remember most vividly. 5 Year-interior or exterior construction and workmanship warranty.

Unifying, coherent architectural planters... geometric circles, squares, acute angles and perpendiculars. Lightweight (GFRC) - premium aggregate construction materials. Qualifies for LEED Points and credits.

View the City and Parks Collection

Signature Collection

Signature Series Solid Metal Planters

Solid Metal Planters
Stainless Steel Finish.

Large sizes ship next day.      

Our Signature Series is the most economical architectural metal planters in the market today. Those who have an appreciation for modern stainless steel in contempary design will select this planter for durability and match it with other interior furniture or appliances. Exclusively, at, we are offering a brushed stainless steel metal cylinder for a new lower price. Compared to funiture and specialty stores our price is 25% less. Limited Edition. Quick Ships on next business day!      
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rectangular planters

Matrix Ellis Collection Planters

Unique, free flowing reductive planter designs. Original minimalist visual art principles applied to planters. In addition, they are exemplified by measured, simplified, rounded exploratory shape and line.
5 Year-interior or exterior construction and workmanship warranty.


Landmark Ceramic Collection

Sicilian Artist GIACOMA ALESSI'S skillfully hand made Ceramic Planters

The Landmark Collection of ceramic planters are made individually by hand, with the Earth's most durable iron rich clay. Amazedly, each high quality ceramic planter is high fired in large wood burning kilns for 2 days. A process that makes them impervious to most weather conditions (2 Inches thick). Astonishing glazes, brilliant in color and unique pallet combinations. Imported.

Special Sale! Buy 1 large Giacomo Planter and get the next 1 smaller sized planter for free. Freight charges apply. SAVE $283.00

View the Landmark Collection
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fiberglass planters

Barkly Collection Planters SALE! Ends Aug 30th

Intelligent design achieved with precise tooling methods and 5/8" thick reinforced fiber strand inner walls. Attractive, earth-tone subtle hues and slightly textured refined surface finish, create a balanced integrated designer planter.

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